Fully automatic membrane- or multi-layer filter system (time or differential
pressure controlled); inner-coated pressure tanks (multi-layer
filter system) including I-WTS – nozzle system for water distribution;
the optimal distribution of water in the pressure tank during the filtration
and regeneration cycles increases the filter durability by up to
50%; the back-flush time is reduced by about 30%; based on these
measures the energy consumption reduces by up to 50% compared
to standard filter systems for the required rinsing processes (energy
demand of the pumps); filter membranes are installed in GFK-pressure
pipes and flushed – dependent on differential pressure – with
an air-water mixture; based on this arrangement of filter membranes
and electronic flushing program – specially developed by I-WTS –
an addition of chemicals is NOT necessary; thereby the flushing
times shorten (no need of a chemical flush and subsequent flush
with water) by up to 50% (the choice of the filter system depends on
the quality of the raw water); all necessary shut-off valves are single-
valves with pneumatic actuator; the valves are constructed on a
stainless steel frame and connected with pressure-resistant PVC-U
pipes.; I-WTS – filtration systems are provided with all necessary
measuring-, safety- and monitoring-equipment;