Naturally, the oxygen content is reduced to a residual value of 1mg/l
to 3mg/l with the reverse osmosis process (high pump-pressure is
required); for a very good drinking water quality, oxygen has to be
enriched therefore by a specially developed procedure; in this case
the oxygen molecules are bounded to the water molecules; in closed
systems (under pressure) the two molecules cannot be separated;
high-grade and healthy drinking water should have an oxygen
content of 12mg/l to 16mg/l; with the I-WTS oxygen enrichment system
these values are attained and can be raised up to 25mg/l if desired;

During the treatment of the not drinkable raw water, purification from
various salts and other pollutants, also essential minerals (calcium,
manganese, bicarbonate, potassium etc) will be removed inevitably
and have to be replaced for a high quality and healthy drinking
water; I-WTS systems manage this important process with natural
and active agent-granules (inspired by the natural enrichment process)
with a specially designed filtration system;