By using highest quality membranes, installed in GFK-pressure
pipes, salts, bacteria, viruses and pesticides are separated to
99,75% from the water molecules and the remaining water is stored
as Permeate; the Permeate is further processed to drinking water;
all water-carrying system parts are made of food-grade materials; I-WTS
reverse osmosis systems include a specially developed power
optimisation; special pressure-energy recovery systems and frequency
controlled pressure pumps are used therefore; the Permeate
recovery is between 37% and 78% of the supplied raw water
– depending on the raw water quality; I-WTS reverse osmosis systems
are equipped with an optimised cleaning unit for correct operation
(ensuring a high degree of efficiency), respectively, in order to
maintain a long life time of the membranes.; the Retentate (by the
membranes held back fluid) may – depending on local conditions –
be channelled back environmentally friendly into the sea with two (a
and b) procedures developed by I-WTS; a: maintenance-free, adapted
to the Retentate, piping system with built-in fan nozzles on the
sea-bed; b: wattles thinning of the Retentate (max. 0,2% higher salt
content than raw water); I-WTS reverse osmosis systems are provided
with all necessary measuring-, safety- and monitoring-equipment;

The stainless steel Permeate storage tank with integrated UV disinfection
(diving emitters) serves to get germ- and bacteria-free as well as to avoid
biological growth on the inner-walls of the storage tank; a separate
ventilation system is used with integrated sterile air filters for the fill-up
and emptying process; dirt-particles, bacteria and polls from the
surrounding atmosphere cannot contaminate the Permeate; the
Permeate volume is monitored by an installed non-contact ultrasonic
level control and ensures a smooth process;